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Retirement And Income Planning

Retirement And Income Planning

Longer life spans have created several new issues that need to be taken into consideration when planning for retirement.

Transitioning from earned income to distributing an investment portfolio can be a difficult psychological shift for some individuals, there are key considerations such as how to navigate "sequence of return risk",  how to efficiently create reliable and consistent income through retirement and to address inflation and other portential roadblocks such as a long term care event.  We assist clients in determining the appropriate retirement income sources,  whether certain assets should be sold or reallocated can consider critical planning elements to address the many "whit if's".

Our financial modeling services can help clients determine the amount of inflation-adjusted income that will be necessary throughout retirement. We  determine the distributions from qualified retirement plans, such as 401(k), IRA or pension funds, in order to help coordinate income needs.  (...............................Overlap, asset location, risk tolerance, helping clients envision and plan for what retirement will look like and emphasis on building in a focus on how they will spend their retirement not just what they will spend in retirement…)

We also assist clients in making important pre-retirement decisions, such as IRA rollovers, lump sum vs. annuity elections and survivor pension options when applicable.

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