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HR 360 is a state-of-the-art human resources library. In many ways, HR 360 acts as an 'online HR department', providing your company with the most current, attorney-reviewed federal and state employment laws as well as a complete range of downloadable forms, posters, interactive HR tools and a lawyer-reviewed sample employee handbook.

HR 360 is made available at no charge to all Jolles Insurance employer groups. All others, upon request, are offered a FREE 6 month access pass upon request.

Employers are faced with the challenge of understanding what the recent Health Care Reform will mean to their bottom line. Jolles Insurance can help you determine if your employee benefit plans are compliant and competitive. For a no-obligation analysis, please call Lisa directly at 800-657-1513.

Your online HR library includes:
o Interactive guides that provide step-by-step guidance on COBRA, performance reviews, hiring, and terminating employees
o Interactive tools including a description builder and salary benchmarking tool
o Hundreds of downloadable forms, policies and posters
o State 'mini COBRA' information as well as a range of additional employment laws per state.

For a quick video tour of what HR360 can provide you, watch the tour here:

At Jolles Insurance, we want clients to have access to the best practices in Human Resources. We hope that you will take advantage of our offer to have access to HR360. This is just one of the value added services that we provide clients. Let us show you a better way to deal with every aspect of your benefit planning.

Join Lisa for a 10 minute conference call to introduce you to HR 360 AND to recieve 180 days of FREE access. Call Lisa at: 800-657-1513 or email her at:

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