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30 Oct
“Income Strategies in Retirement”


One of the biggest mistakes retirees make in their planning is not understanding the danger of “Sequence of Return Risk” in retirement.  During the accumulation phase in building our portfolio in your working years, the sequence of down and up years doesn’t matter, it’s all about the average return.  However, in those early years when you first start drawing on your assets, having a few bad years at the start can result in running out of money too early.  The right strategies can help you be better prepared.    

  1. Are you confident that your savings will withstand a 25 to 30+ year retirement?

  2. Are you accounting for the significant reduction in Social Security income after the loss of a spouse?

  3. Have you considered strategies to cover rising health care costs or a long term care event?

  4. Is your retirement income completely dependent on market performance?

  5. Do you know how much you can withdraw from retirement savings each year without  running out of money?

    While the road to financial freedom in retirement may have its twists and turns, an experienced financial professional can help straighten the path.


Date and Time

Mon, Oct 30, 2023

7:00p - 8:30p EST




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